Jake 2 year old Male Dog de Bordeaux

Jake is a 2 year old male Dogue de Bordeaux who is looking for his forever home. Jake is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Jake has lived with another dog, but is not keen on smaller dogs. Jake has lived with children but would be best in an adult home with previous experience. Please enquire.

Jake's Assessment

● Jake is a two year old male Dogue de Bordeaux looking for his forever home. Jake currently lives with two other dogs. Jake is still young and could do with training to help with his behaviour out walking on the lead. Generally, Jake is well behaved at home but does not respond well to small children so would do best in an adult home or one with older children.
● Jake is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped
● Jake does not have any known health issues
● Jake currently lives with two other dogs, his brother and an older female
● Jake does not tend to like smaller breeds of dog and doesn’t respond well to young children
● Jake will both sleep and sometimes bark when left home alone
● Jake is pleased to see you when you come home
● Jake will sometimes follow you between rooms in the house
● Jake is generally well behaved with people at home, however, he has recently shown signs of not wanting to be around young children (2-3 years old) and as such would be better in a home with no children or only older children
● Jake will bark when people come to the door but once the visitor is inside his behaviour is fine towards them
● Jake is currently fed twice a day on Wagg dry food and behaves well when being given food
● Jake is fully house trained
● Jake has not previously had any formal obedience training
● Jake knows the commands sit, come here and leave it
● Jake will pull a lot on the lead and will bark when he sees another dog and try to get to them
● Jake is still young and would benefit from training to improve his behaviour out walking on the lead
● Jake is has been used to being walked once a day
● Jake has not previously lived with any animals other than dogs
● Jake has never injured another person or animal


● This dog is micro-chipped, fully vaccinated and neutered
● This dog will be vet checked before leaving us
● This dog will do best in a home without young children.
● This dog currently lives with other dogs but has not lived with other animals
● This dog is currently located in Hull, East Yorkshire

~ Completed by Katie and Madeleine