Poppy 8 Year Old Female German Shepherd Crossbreed

Poppy is a 8 year old female German Shepherd crossbreed who is looking for her forever home. Poppy is vaccinated and micro-chipped. Poppy has irritable ears. Poppy has lived with children. Poppy is fully house-trained. Poppy has some recall. Poppy has not been well socialised with other dogs. Poppy is temperamental and reactive around other dogs. Poppy has lived with another dog and 2 cats. Poppy will need an experienced new home. Please enquire.

Poppy's Assessment
● Poppy is neutered, has been micro-chipped and is not yet up to date with her vaccinations
● Poppy has irritation in her ears which is possibly linked to food
● Poppy is fully house-trained
● Poppy sleeps when she is left home alone
● Poppy will bark and be pleased to see you and jump up when you get home
● Poppy will bark at the sound of visitors at the door
● Poppy is settled when you are home, adores the company of people, seeking attention and closeness.
● Poppy rarely barks unless she is suspicious and she will sometimes follow you if you move to another room
● Poppy is a quiet and gentle dog who likes lots of sleep
● Poppy is currently fed twice a day with dry food for dogs with
sensitivities and half a tin of Pedigree Chum in jelly.
● Poppy is excited but calm when waiting for food and can be told to ‘wait’ and ‘fetch’
● Poppy sometimes pulls on the lead
● Poppy knows the commands sit, stay, come here, leave it, paw, fetch, wait and sometimes recall (off the lead)
● Poppy has not been socialised with dogs for the past five years and has had a bad experience with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier so is more wary of them. The other dog she lives with has fear aggression with other dogs so it makes re-socialising difficult on walks as he tries to protect Poppy and nips her to keep moving away from other dogs.
● Poppy would be fine on walks on her own and needs an owner who can help her to re-socialise
● Poppy has had contact with younger children twice a week, previously
had regular contact with older children and was really good with them
● Poppy has lived with another dog for five years but would be best suited to be the only dog
● Poppy has lived with cats before and has been fine with them, she is curious of new cats and may chase them when on a walk
● Poppy has snapped at a neighbour before who had their hood up as she was frightened

● This dog has been neutered and micro-chipped
● The dog will need to be vaccinated
● This dog has lived with another dog before
● This dog has lived with cats before
● This dog is located in Lincolnshire

Completed by Kayley & Madeleine