Minnie is a friendly female crossbreed dog who is looking for a forever home. Minnie is fine with other dogs on walks. Minnie enjoys relaxing in her bed. Minnie has lived with children over 10 years old. Minnie is house-trained. Minnie travels well in the car and will sleep if left alone for short periods. If you would like to provide a home for Minnie, please enquire.

Minnie's Assessment

● Minnie is a 2 year old female Terrier crossbreed who is looking for her forever home
● Minnie has no known health issues
● Minnie has lived with children over 10 years
● Minnie has lived with a cat
● Minnie will sleep when left alone
● Minnie is pleased to see you when you arrive home
● Minnie will hardly ever follow you if you go to another room
● Minnie sleeps a lot when you are at home, she will come to you for attention and is generally quiet and calm. She is a loving girl
● Minnie has not seen many people at the front door. She barked at the window cleaner but didn't bark at the neighbour
● Minnie doesn't jump up when you arrive at the front door
● Minnie is excited and dances around when waiting for food. She doesn't jump up or bark. Minnie will sit when asked and is learning to wait
● Minnie has been used to eating twice daily 80 grams of Vitalin Adult dry food, chicken and potato.
● Minnie likes to eat a dentastick, training treats and a couple of biscuits at bedtime
● Minnie is fully house-trained
● Minnie has had no formal obedience training
● Minnie is learning to sit, wait and knows the command off( as she likes to sit on the cats chair).
● Minnie knows the commands sit, stay, leave it, paw. She is learning things quickly
● Minnie pulls on the lead sometimes
● Minnie can be reactive towards other dogs, barking and excited
● Minnie has been fine with two female Spaniels on walks both on and off the lead. She is more interested in running around
● Minnie has been walked twice daily
● Minnie has lived with a cat who she would love to chase in the garden and is keen to get close to. The cat has been used to Minnie and stands her ground
● Minnie is very bright, sweet and gentle girl. She was initially quite timid but is more confident and has a lovely nature.
● Minnie is learning to play with her toys and loves her walks and tummy rubs.
● Minnie has never injured any other animal or person

● This dog is located in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire
● This dog is vaccinated and neutered, but has no history
● This dog will need to be micro-chipped
● This dog has lived with a cat
● This dog would be best in a home with children over 10 years

~Completed by Emily and Jane

Additional Photos

Minnie enjoying spending time in her temporary home

Minnie enjoying a long walk