Blue 3 year old male crossbreed dog

Blue is a 3 year old male crossbreed dog who is looking for his forever home. Blue is neutered and micro-chipped. Blue has lived with older children, cats and a smaller dog. Blue is fully house-trained. Blue is excitable around other dogs and will pull towards them and bark. Blue can be reactive to noise and movement. Blue will chase cats on walks. Blue has not been well socialised outdoors and would suit an experienced new home. He is reactive towards people jogging and wearing hats. Blue would suit an adult home. Please enquire.

Blue’s Assessment
●Blue is neutered, has been microchipped and is not yet fully up to date with his vaccines
●Blue has a sensitive stomach so eats a specific branded dog food
●Blue can bark and cry when he is left home alone
●Blue will bark and jump up at you when you get home
●Blue loves to follow you around the home, he is very affectionate and loves to sit on your lap. He loves learning new tricks, sleeping in his basket and is very well behaved indoors
●Blue barks when people knock at the door
●Blue sits and waits patiently for food until he is told he can eat
●Blue eats Vets Kitchen Sensitive Kibble twice a day
●Blue is fully house trained
●Blue has had some formal obedience training, he knows ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come here’, ‘leave it’, ‘paw’, ‘bark’, ‘lay’, ‘circle’ and ‘fetch’. Blue listens to these commands at home but does not when he is outside so will need some re-training
●Blue pulls a lot when he is on the lead
●Blue is very excitable around other dogs when he is on walks, he barks and pulls towards other dogs on his lead
●Blue has lived with cats and another dog before, he is very gentle with them and likes to groom them. Whilst on walks he will bark and try to chase unknown cats
●Blue has lived with children between the ages of 8-15 years old but can be reactive to sudden noise and movement and is very bouncy so would be suited to a home with teenagers or an adult only home
●Blue can be reactive and snap at joggers or people wearing hats whilst on walks, he will need an experienced home to re-train him when he is outside
●Blue has never injured another animal or injured a human before

● This dog is neutered and micro-chipped
●This dog is not yet up to date with his vaccines
●This dog has lived with cats and a small dog before
●This dog is located in Blackpool, Lancashire

~Completed by Libby and Kayley

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