Hank 17 Months Old Dog De Bordeaux x American Bulldog

Hank is a 17 month old Dog De Bordeaux x American Bulldog who is looking for his forever home. Hank is vaccinated and micro-chipped. Hank is fully house-trained. Hank has lived with children. Hank can be temperamental with other dogs. Hank has previously lived with two other dogs but would be best as an only dog. Hank has a high prey drive Hank would suit a large breed experienced home. Please enquire.

Hank’s Assessment
● Hank is not yet neutered, has been microchipped and is up to date with vaccinations
● Hank has no known medical issues
● Hank is calm and sleeps when he is left alone in the house
● Hank will be pleased to see you when you get home, he does not bark and waits for you to come in. He will be giddy at first and likes to run back and forth while you take your shoes off!
● Hank will bark if someone knocks at the door, he will then sit by the door waiting whilst it is answered
● Hank will be happy to see whoever comes in, bringing toys to people he knows and being inquisitive and friendly with new people
● Hank will sometimes follow you around the home. When you are home, he will bring his toys to you and sit with you on your feet, knees or next to you
● Hanks likes to be close to his family and loves to be cuddled
● Hank eats Burgess dry biscuits, two cups in the morning and two in the evening. He also has sardines mixed in with his food a couple of times a week. He will wait patiently for his food; treats can be taken from him easily and he will not snatch food out of hands
● Hank tends to pull on the lead when he is out on a walk
● Hank understands the commands sit, stay, leave it, paw, high five, come here and will bring toys when asked to find them
● Hank can be temperamental with other dogs, so is currently kept on the lead. Hank will pull on the lead if he sees other animals in the distance but will stop if he is pulled back and told to sit
● Hank currently lives with a six-year-old child, has been around children since he was four months old and spends time with children from ranging from 6-15-years-old
● Hank has previously lived with two other dogs but does not have another dog in the house in his current home
● Hank has a high prey drive for small animals
● Hank has shown protective behaviours of the 6-year-old and his female owner when encountering other dogs out on walks

● This dog has not been neutered yet but will be before leaving the shelter and has been microchipped
● The dog will be vet checked before leaving us and is up to date with his vaccinations
● This dog has lived with two dogs before
● This dog would be suitable to live with children in the household
● This dog is located in West Yorkshire

Completed by Kayley & Madeleine