Winston 10 year old Male Shar Pei

Winston is a loving 10 year old male Shar Pei who is looking for his forever home. Winston is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Winston suffers from ear infections, itchy skin and watery eyes. Winston can be quite boisterous and has anxiety issues. Winston is fully house-trained. Winston would be best in a home as an only dog. Winston has lived with older children and a cat. Winston would benefit from an experienced new home where someone can be around for him most of the day. Please enquire.

Winston's Assessment

● Winston is a friendly and loving 10 year old male Shar Pei, who likes being at home with family and playing with his toys. Winston has lived previously with a child and a cat in the house. Winston has some anxiety behaviours that he would benefit support to help overcome, such as being destructive when left alone, and would thrive with an owner that had the time to be with him.
● Winston is neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped
● Winston has watery eyes and suffers from ear infections and itchy skin
● Winston has a loving and friendly personality and can be a bit boisterous at times
● Winston is well behaved when people are at home and will lay down and play with his toys
● Winston has some anxiety behaviours, such as being destructive when left home alone, with which he would benefit from some support to overcome
● Winston is excited to see you when you come home and will jump up
● Winston will sometimes follow you between rooms when you move around the house
● Winston will bark and jump up when people come to the door
● Winston is well behaved waiting for food and will stand and wait, wagging his tail!
● Winston has been used to having a bowl of food available to eat during the day
● Winston is has been fed Wagg branded food but ideally requires food with no wheat to help with his itchy skin
● Winston is fully house trained
● Winston understands the commands sit, come here and paw
● Winston will sometimes pull on the lead when out on walks
● Winston will bark and cry when he sees other dogs out on walks as he wants to get to them
● Winston is currently walked three times a day
● Winston has lived with a child in the house for his whole life to date
● Winston has lived with a cat for ten years
● Winston is very scared of fireworks

● This dog has previously lived with children and a cat
● This dog is neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated
● This dog is currently located near Bradford, West Yorkshire
● Transport to any part of the UK can be arranged for the right home

~ Completed by Laura and Madeleine