Kobi 12 year old male Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Kobi is a 12 year old male Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for his forever home. Kobi is neutered. Kobi is fully house-trained. Kobi is not comfortable around other dogs. Kobi has lived around children but would prefer a quieter home. Kobi would be best in a pet free home. Kobi would suit an experienced new home. Please enquire.

Kobi’s Assessment
●Kobi is neutered, has not yet been microchipped and is not yet fully up to date with his vaccinations
●Kobi previously had cancer 5 years ago which was removed and he has not had any known health issues since then
●Kobi sleeps and is calm when he is left home alone
●Kobi is pleased to see you when you get home and can sometimes to
jump up to greet you
●Kobi sometimes follows you around the house. Kobi sleeps and plays
with his favourite ball or will bask in the sunshine in the garden
●Kobi will follow you to the door when someone knocks
●Kobi is very relaxed about his food, he is calm and waits for it to be put
●Kobi currently eats Hills SciencePlan dry food mixed with Applaws Natural pouches three times a day, but sometimes doesn’t finish his food so may eat less
●Kobi is fully house trained
●Kobi has had no formal obedience training but knows ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come here’ and ‘leave it’
●Kobi is never off the lead on walks
●Kobi walks nicely on the lead
●Kobi has had bad experiences with other dogs so can be nervous around
●Kobi has spent his life around children but needs a quiet adult only home or one with older teenagers
●Kobi has never lived with other animals
●Kobi is a good-natured boy and makes a really good companion
●Kobi has never injured another animal or a human before

●This dog needs updated vaccination and a microchip
●This dog has not lived with other animals before
●This dog will be suited to an adult only or also with older teenagers
●This dog is located in Hackney, London

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