Lilac 2 year old Female Crossbreed

Lilac is a 2 year old female black and white domestic shorthair crossbreed. Lilac is a indoor cat and is house trained. Lilac is a friendly cat who has lived with her sibling cat Leo since birth. Lilac is vaccinated, neutered and flea treated. Lilac can be rehomed with her brother or separately. Please enquire.

Lilac's Assessment

● Lilac was born on 24th Feb 2017
● Lilac has been living with her brother Leo since birth
● Lilac is a black and white domestic shorthair crossbreed.
● Lilac is an indoor cat
● Lilac is house trained.
● Lilac eats dried food with occasional treats of soft food
● Lilac loves attention and responds better to being called LiLi she loves children and cuddles. She talks to you when she doesn't get attention
● Lilac is upto date with boosters and receive spot-on flea treatment monthly as a precaution
● Lilac is neutered
● Lilac has had one owner since 10 weeks old
● Lilac dislikes being outside and loud noises
● Lilac is very loving with the other cat she lives with Leo
● Lilac can be rehomed as a pair or separately