Minnie 5 year old Female French Bulldog

Minnie is a 5 year old female French Bulldog who is looking for her forever home. Minnie is micro-chipped. Minnie has skin allergies and a senstive stomach and anxiety. Minnie is fed a raw diet. Minnie has lived with a male dog. Minnie is partially house-trained. Minnie prefers for other dogs not to approach her on walks. Minnie has lived with children. Minnie would benefit from a home where someone is around most of the day. Please enquire.

●Minnie is microchipped
●Minnie is not currently neutered
●Minnie requires her vaccinations updating
●Minnie has some skin allergies and a sensitive stomach; she has been diagnosed as allergic to chicken, beef and lamb. She is currently fed a raw diet or pork and fish with vegetables
●Minnie is also sensitive to materials such asool, nylon and leather and she is currently given a Piriton anti-histamine a day to help with these allergies
●Minnie is used to living in the home
●Minnie will bark and chew occasionally if she gets bored when left home alone, but if given something to chew on when you’re out, such as a bone, she will leave everything else alone!
●Minnie will be pleased to see you when you come home and will follow you between rooms in the house as she likes to be around people
●Minnie is well behaved when people are in the house
●Minnie will bark a lot when someone comes to the front door
●Minnie behaves well around food and will wait to be fed
●Minnie is partially house trained, she can occasionally still have accidents
●Minnie knows the commands sit, stay and come here
●Minnie walks nicely when out on the lead
●Minnie prefers to be left alone on walks and not interact too much with other dogs, she prefers it if dogs do not approach her directly
●Minnie is currently walked regularly during the day, up to four times
●Minnie has lived with children and had visiting children in the home
●Minnie currently lives with another male dog
●Minnie can be very anxious and does crave attention, but in turn she is a very loving dog that wants to interact with you and be around her family
●Minnie has some foot chewing/ licking behaviour, which is likely due to anxiety with being left home alone
●Minnie has never injured another person or animal

●This dog has lived with another dog and children previous
●This dog is microchipped, not currently neutered and requires updated vaccinations
●This dog is located near Leeds, West Yorkshire
●Transport can be arranged to any part of the UK for the right home