Bella Ref:J28W 16 month old Female Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Bella is a friendly 16 month old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for her forever home. Bella is vaccinated and micro-chipped. Bella is partially house-trained. Bella can be excitable and dominant with other dogs. Bella would be best in a home with older children. Bella would benefit from further training. Please enquire.

Bella's Assessment

● Bella is an intelligent and energetic 16 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier looking for her forever home. Bella loves to learn and interact. She would thrive in a home committed to her training and development as she is still a young girl with lots of potential. Bella would do best in a home with adults or older children as her strength and energy is a bit too much for smaller children.
● Bella is fully vaccinated and microchipped
● Bella is normally calm and tends to sleep when left home alone
● Bella gets excited when you come home and will jump up and bark
● Bella likes to be around people and will follow you between rooms in the house
● Bella tends to bark when people come to the door
● Bella has no issues when being fed and will wait patiently
● Bella has been used to being fed 1 ½ tins of wet dog food per day, she prefers this over dry food
● Bella is partially house-trained, due to her young age she sometimes still has accidents
● Bella has not received any formal obedience training but knows the commands sit, come here and paw
● Bella has not lived with other dogs or animals in the home before
● Bella will sometimes pull when out on the lead
● Bella is has been used to being walked once a day
● Bella is excitable when meeting other dogs on walks and tends to try to be quite dominant
● Further socialising and training would help Bella greatly with walking well on the lead and interacting with other dogs when outdoors
● Bella is a very intelligent girl who loves to learn and would benefit from a home with adults and older children with the time to commit to her training to reach her full potential
● Bella is a strong girl and due to her energy, she would benefit from home without young children
● Bella has never injured a person or another animal


● This dog has not lived with other dogs or animals before
● This dog is microchipped and vaccinated.
● This would be best in a home with children over 10 years of age
● This dog is located near Doncaster, East Yorkshire

~ Completed by Zoe and Madeleine