Benji 5 year old Male Crossbreed

Benji is a loving 5 year old male crossbreed dog who is looking for his forever home. Benji has a cuddly personality and likes to be around people. Benji can have a tendency to be nervous around new people or dogs, but once he gets to know them and feels comfortable he is very friendly. Benji has previously lived with other dogs and children. Benji is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Please enquire.

Benji's Assessment

● Benji is a 5 year old male crossbreed.
● Benji is neutered, fully vaccinated and micro-chipped
● Benji will be vet checked before leaving us.
● Benji does not have any known health issues
● Benji is currently used to living in the house
● Benji is calm when left home alone
● Benji is happy to see you when you get home and will jump up to greet you
● Benji likes to be around people and will follow you between rooms in the house
● Benji has a cuddly, playful personality and is very loving
● Benji can also be quite nervous with new dogs or people
● Benji will bark when people come to the door but is very friendly when he gets to greet them
● Benji is very excited and giddy when he is waiting to be fed
● Benji is currently fed dry biscuits (Dr John Silver brand) twice a day
● Benji is fully house trained
●Benji knows the commands sit, stay, come here, leave it, paw and has some recall
● Benji will pull sometimes when walking on the lead
● Benji is friendly with dogs once he gets to know them, initially he is very nervous around new dogs he meets
● Benji is currently walked three times a day
● Benji has previously lived with younger children
● Benji has lived with other dogs, but has not lived with cats or other small animals
● Benji has never injured another animal or person

● This dog has previously lived with children and other dogs
● This dog has not previously lived with a cat or other small animals
● This dog is neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated
● This dog is currently located near Bradford, West Yorkshire
● Transport to any part of the UK can be arranged for the right home

~ Completed by Lauren and Madeleine.

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