Pablo Pablo is a 10 year old male Chihuahua

Pablo is a 10 year old male Chihuahua who is looking for his forever home. Pablo will need to be rehomed with Spike. Pablo is neutered and micro-chipped. Pablo is crate trained. Pablo is fully house-trained. Pablo walks nicely on the lead. Pablo can be uncomfortable around other energetic dogs but is fine around calm dogs. Pablo has lived with children and cats previously. Pablo would benefit from a home where someone is around most of the day. This dog has now been reserved. Click details for updates.

Pablo’s Assessment
●Pablo is neutered, has been microchipped and is not yet fully up to date with his vaccinations
●Pablo has no known health issues
●Pablo sleeps when he is left home alone
●Pablo loves being in the home and currently has access to downstairs and sleeps in a crate
●Pablo will be pleased to see you when you get home
●Pablo will sometimes follow you around the home, he is calm when you are home and likes to spend his time sleeping. He likes to be near you for attention and to give affection
●Pablo can run to the door and bark when people knock at the door
●Pablo sits or stands while he waits for his food
●Pablo currently eats grain-free dry biscuits which is left out during the day for him to graze on
●Pablo is fully house trained
●Pablo has not had formal obedience training but knows ‘sit’, ‘come here’ and ‘paw’
●Pablo walks nicely when he is on the lead
●Pablo is nervous of other dogs if they are energetic but will be fine if the other dog is calm
●Pablo has lived with children over 3 years old and is very comfortable with them, but can jump up at visiting children so may be better to living with older children
●Pablo barks at the postman and initiates barking at visitors at the door
●Pablo is very affectionate and quiet when you are home, he likes sitting by you when you are home
●Pablo has lived with cats before and with another dog called Spike
●Pablo has never injured another animal or a human before

●This dog is neutered and micro-chipped
●This dog has lived with cats and another dog before
●This dog is located in Sale, Greater Manchester

Completed by Kayley & Madeleine

Application Status: Reserved

This dog has now been reserved and we are no longer accepting applications.

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