Charlie 8 Year Old Male Beagle

Charlie is a friendly 8 year old male Beagle who is looking for his forever home. Charlie is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Charlie is ok with most dogs but can be timid around some. Charlie can be possessive with his things. Charlie is house-trained. Charlie is ok with other dogs but can be timid with excitable dogs. Charlie would suit an experienced new home. This dog has now been reserved, click details for updates.

Charlie’s Assessment
●Charlie is neutered, up to date with his vaccines and has been microchipped
●Charlie has some benign lumps mainly on leg areas. He has some stiffness at the end of the day occasionally.
●Charlie can bark when he is left home alone
●Charlie will be pleased to see you when you get home
●Charlie loves to follow you around the home. When you are home, Charlie is very calm, he likes to spend his time in the garden, patrolling the house and snoozing. He will bark to let you know if he wants to go into a specific room but knows to stop if told. He will also let you know he wants to go out if doors are closed and generally wants to go to bed around 8/8.30ish
●Charlie can be protective and growl if someone tries to take something off him that he has found outside and wants to play with or eat but can be bribed with a treat and will drop the item
●Charlie is protective of food or treats so can’t have them taken off him once given but will eat out of your hand and wait until you say he can have it
●Charlie can bark and runs to the door when someone knocks on the door
●Charlie will bark when his water bowl is empty or when it’s time for his food, he will wait for you to put the food down and will wait to be told to eat (when he’s not too hungry!)
●Charlie currently eats twice a day, he eats a whole tin of Bakers soft meaty chunks and small biter mixer dried complete food Harrington’s dry food. He usually eats at 9am/10am and 4.30pm/5.30pm and likes you to be with him while he eats
●Charlie is fully house trained
●Charlie has not had any formal obedience training but understands ‘sit’, ‘come here’, ‘paw’, ‘high five’, ‘jump’, ‘off’, ‘up’, ‘wait’ and ‘down’
●Charlie pulls sometimes on the lead
●Charlie is fine with other dogs but can be timid and apprehensive especially with excitable dogs
● Charlie has been fine with children he has met in the past but can jump up, sniff and he also picks up children’s stray toys to play with! He has not been around children recently and would be best in an adult home
●Charlie has not lived with other animals before
●Charlie has a high prey drive for small animals

●This dog has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped
●This dog has not lived with other animals before
● This dog is located in Gedling, Nottinghamshire

Application Status: Reserved

This dog has now been reserved and we are no longer accepting applications.

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