Bobby 18 month old male German Shepherd

Bobby is a 18 month male German Shepherd who is looking for his forever home. Bobby is vaccinated and micro-chipped. Bobby is fully house-trained. Bobby can play nicely with some dogs, but can be very reactive with others. Bobby has lived with children but will need to be in an adult home due to behavioural issues. Bobby would suit a large breed experienced home to further his training. This dog is now reserved, click details for updates.

Bobby's Assessment

● Bobby is a 15 month old male German Shepherd
● Bobby is vaccinated and micro-chipped
● Bobby is not yet neutered
● Bobby has no known health issues
● Bobby has been used to a room that he sleeps, eats and rests in, with french doors that have been left open throughout the day for him to go into a small outdoor space. He is always calm in this room, but destructive in any other room so needs to be supervised.
● Bobby has been living with a young child but will need an adult-only home
● Bobby can jump over baby gates
● Bobby will sleep and is calm when left home alone
● Bobby will bark and jump up when you come home, he is pleased to see you
● Bobby will always follow you if you go to another room
● Bobby wants to play all day when you are home. If two people stand or sit together he will bark repeatedly
● Bobby will bark loudly when people arrive at the front door before they knock
● Bobby will also bark at people walking down the street, if he hears a doorbell ( even if on TV), or if a car pulls up outside
● Bobby will sit and wait until told "go" for his food. Sometimes he will wait when trained with treats and other times he is unable to
● Bobby has been used to eating dry food. He is currently eating Concept For Life- German Shepherd Adult food. He has small sausages for treats and occasionally a meaty bone, but this can sometimes affect his digestion. He likes frozen carrots and eating ice
● Bobby is fully house-trained
● Bobby has had a trainer for a short whilst in March 2020, but this was not continued due to Covid. He had training in August to help with lead control, recall, reactivity to people in the household
● Bobby knows the commands sit, stay, leave it, paw, toy, walk, wait, ball, go find, down and back
● Bobby pulls a lot on the lead on walks
● Bobby is curious when he meets other dogs and will stand still and let other dogs come over to sniff him. He will then sniff them back. He plays well with a range of dogs, but if a dog becomes defensive with him, he will retaliate
● Bobby has been walked 3 times daily. 2 short walks and 1 longer walker where he has been used to being left off the lead in a field.
● Bobby has been fine with children away from the home, but not in the home. Bobby will knock children over due to his size. Bobby will nibble children's hands, feet and ears if he is near them. Bobby is very boisterous around children and will need an adult home
● Bobby has not lived with other animals
● Bobby has injured a person before
● Bobby will need a very large breed experienced new home

●This dog is vaccinated and micro-chipped
● This dog will need an adult only home
●This dog has not lived with other animals before
● This dog is located in St Helens,
Application Status: Reserved

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