Turner 2 Year Old Male American Bulldog

Turner is a 2 year old male American Bulldog who is looking for his forever home. Turner is vaccinated. Turner has lived with another dog, but would be best as an only dog due to reactivity. Turner is partially house-trained. Turner has some recall when off the lead. Turner is ok with some dogs on walks. Turner has lived with older children. Turner would suit an experienced new home. Please enquire.

Turner’s Assessment
• Turner is not yet neutered or micro-chipped but is up to date with vaccinations
• Turner has no known medical issues
• Turner can be calm and sleep when left home alone but will also sometimes cry
• Turner will be pleased to see you when you get home and jump up to greet you
• Turner will bark if people arrive at the front door
• Turner will always follow you around the home when you are in
• Turner is kept separately upstairs at his current home as he no longer gets along with the other dog in the household and has been temperamental
• Turner currently eats Wagg biscuits and a Chubb roll twice a day
• Turner can sometimes pull when he is out on the lead on a walk at first as he has a lot of energy, but eventually settles
• Turner understands the commands sit, come here, paw, bark and has recall off the lead
• Turner currently lives with a 10, 11 and 17-year-old, he has been around children since he was a puppy and spends time with visiting children from 4-years-old and older
• Turner has lived with another dog but would be suited to a home without as he has unfortunately injured the dog which he currently lives with

• This dog has not been neutered or micro-chipped yet
• This dog has been vaccinated
• This dog has lived with another dog before
• This dog would be suitable to live with children over 10 years in the household
• This dog is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Completed by Kayley & Madeleine

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