Woodrow 9 year old Male Siberian Husky

Woodrow is a friendly 9 year old male Siberian Husky who is looking for his forever home. Woodrow is neutered and micro-chipped. Woodrow is fully house-trained. Woodrow has been used to visiting children of all ages. Woodrow has lived with another Husky. Please enquire.

Woodrow's Assessment

● Woodrow is a nine year old male Siberian Husky with a friendly personality who is calm and well behaved at home. This beautiful boy has previously been around children of a range of ages and has been living with another dog without issues
● Woodrow is neutered and micro-chipped
● Woodrow is calm when left at home alone
● Woodrow is always pleased to see you when you come home
● Woodrow will sometimes follow you between rooms in the house
● Woodrow has a lovely temperament at home, he is friendly and loves attention but also has a calm personality in the house
● Woodrow likes to greet people at the front door and will do so with a wagging tail
● Woodrow will sit and wait for his food
● Woodrow has been used to being fed once or twice daily with Tesco’s complete dry dog food and occasional treats during the day
● Woodrow is fully house trained
● Woodrow received some obedience training when he was a puppy
● Woodrow has had contact with children of a range of ages and has been excellent around them
● Woodrow has been living with another husky, initially he was wary but after a short time period adjusted well to sharing his home with another dog
● Woodrow has never injured another person or animal


● This dog is neutered and micro-chipped
● This dog will be vet checked and vaccinated before leaving us.
● This dog would be best in a home with children over 10 years of age.
● This dog has been living with another dog
● This dog is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire

~ Completed by Michael and Madeleine.