Keith 4 year old male Bedlington Terrier crossbreed

Keith is a friendly and gentle 4 year Bedlington Terrier crossbreed who is looking for his forever home. Keith is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Keith is fine with other dogs once he has been properly introduced. Keith is house-trained. Keith sometimes barks at other dogs and cats. Keith has lived around children. Please enquire.

Keith's Assessment

● Keith is a 4 year old male Bedlington Terrier crossbreed (possibly x Whippet) who is looking for his forever home.
● Keith has been vet checked, neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.
● Keith has been used to living indoors as part of the family.
● Keith has been walked once or twice daily and had access to a small garden in his previous home.
● Keith is calm and sleeps when left alone.
● Keith is pleased to see you and will jump up when you arrive home.
● Keith will sometimes follow you when you leave the room.
● Keith is calm and enjoys attention.
● Keith has been used to lots of cuddles, and will go to his bed if asked.
● Keith can be restless if he isn't walked and will stand by the door to ask to go out.
● Keith will bark if he sees a cat and at passing dogs, but is fine when introduced to other dogs properly.
● Keith has been used to playing with family dogs, but will bark at a dog if it passes the house.
● Keith is very well behaved and will benefit from a home with lots of daily exercise and lots of love.
● Keith is excited when someone comes to the front door and thinks they are coming to visit him. He may bark if there is excessive knocking, but this is rare.
● Keith is happy to wait for his breakfast and dinner. He usually sits and waits to let you know it's ready.
● Keith has been used to eating Harrington's complete dog food.
● Keith is not fond of biscuits on their own and is happier when a couple of spoons of Butcher's wet dog food and some water are mixed in to make it more appealing to him.
● Keith prefers premium brand treats and likes fresh peppers, sweetcorn, fresh fish and meats.
● Keith is house-trained, but will occasionally have accidents if he is left for longer periods or occasionally when he stays somewhere new.
● Keith will come back when called, except when he sees a cat. Due to this, we would recommend he is kept on the lead.
● Keith knows basic commands including sit, lie down, give a paw, recall, and goes to bed if asked.
● Keith is very responsive to training where the right treats are available.
● Keith sometimes pulls on the lead on walks.
● Keith is fine when properly introduced to other dogs over time. He is great with family and friends dogs and will play nicely with them.
● Keith can sometimes bark at dogs on walks or if they pass the house. He will bark to let them know he is there.
● Keith has been used to being walked once or twice daily.
● Keith has been living with a 1 year old child and has been very gentle in his interactions.
● Keith is very patient and will move away if needed. Keith has also interacted well with children he meets on walks.
● Keith is unable to live with cats as he doesn't like them. keith will chase them and bark at them.
● Keith has never lived with another dog.
● Keith is a wonderful family dog with lots of love to give and would make a great addition to a new family.
● Keith has never injured a person or animal.


● This dog has not lived with other dogs or animals before
● This dog chases cats
● This dog has been vet checked, neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped
● This dog is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire

~ Completed by Maria and Jane