Doobie 6 year old Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Doobie is a friendly 6 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for his forever home. Doobie is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Doobie is partially house-trained. Doobie is inquisitive around other dogs. Doobie has lived around older children. Doobie has lived with another dog. Please enquire.

Doobie's Assessment

● Doobie is a 6 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a big heart looking for his forever home. Doobie is a big boy with a lot of love to give who thrives on affection. He likes to be around people and is good with children, although he is a bit too big for being around younger ages. Doobie has lived with other dogs without issue.
● Doobie is neutered, fully vaccinated and micro-chipped
● Doobie does not have any known health issues
● Doobie will sleep or cry when left home alone
● Doobie will be pleased to see you when you get home
● Doobie likes to be around people and will follow you between rooms in the house
● Doobie has a lively and nosey personality at home, he loves a good cuddle and lots of affection
● Doobie will bark initially when people come to the door but will greet them happily when they come inside
● Doobie is well behaved with food and will sit and wait to be fed
● Doobie is currently fed dry food, 2 cups of biscuits twice a day
● Doobie has not had formal obedience training but knows the commands sit, stay, come here, leave it, paw and has recall off the lead
● Doobie pulls a lot when walking out on the lead
● Doobie is inquisitive with other dogs he meets out on walks and will pull towards them
● Doobie is good around children but is too big and bouncy for younger children
● Doobie loves people of all ages and has never shown any aggression around people
● Doobie has lived with female dogs, including a Jack Russell and another female Staffordshire Bull Terrier
● Doobie will do best in a home where he does not need to be left for long periods of time, he struggles to hold his bladder when left for too many hours and therefore sometimes has accidents if this is the case
● Doobie has never injured another person or animal


● This dog is micro-chipped, vaccinated and neutered
● This dog is located near York, North Yorkshire
● This dog would be suitable to live with older children
● This dog has previously lived with other dogs

~ Completed by Jade and Madeleine