Stella 16 Year old Female British Shorthair crossbreed

Stella is a relaxed, well behaved 16 year old female British Shorthair crossbreed cat who is looking for her forever home. Stella has been used to having access to the outdoors but is also happy staying around the house for long periods. Stella is neutered and vaccinated. Please enquire.

● Stella is a nice natured cat who likes to relax and sleep
● Stella will be vet checked before leaving us
● Stella is used to having full access to the house space
● Stella is used to using a cat litter tray in the house
● Stella is well behaved when left home alone
● Stella is calm when other people
● Stella is used to being fed Whiskas branded dry food
● Stella will not pester anyone who is eating for food
● Stella is used to having access to go outside
● Stella is in good health and recently had a CT scan, urine and blood test which all came back normal

~ Completed by Amanda and Madeleine.