Maize 1 year old female German Shepherd crossbreed

Maize is a 1 year old female German Shepherd crossbreed who is looking for her forever home. Maize is micro-chipped. Maize has lived with several caged small animals. Maize has lived with children. Maize is fully house-trained. Maize has not been well socialised with other dogs. She is more playful off the lead but can be temperamental on the lead. Maize has a high prey drive. Please enquire.

Maize's Assessment

● Maize is a 1 year and 9 month old female German Shepherd crossbreed who is looking for her forever home.
● Maize has been vet checked, vaccinated and micro-chipped.
● Maize has been treated with an antibacterial ear cleaner and will need a return to the vets for a check-up and potential antibiotics.
● Maize has lived in a bungalow previously. She has lived with several rats in cages. Maize has been used to her own bed in a crate at the end of the bedroom.
● Maize will bark and cry when left home alone.
● Maize is pleased to see you when you arrive home and jumps up. Maize runs around the home to check everything is where she left it and to see if anyone else is present.
● Maize will always follow you if you go to another room.
● Maize will nap on the floor or sofa beside you at home.
Maize will rattle her food bowl at you if she feels hungry and to ask for attention.
Maize has learned that she can go play with her toys herself and is used to the sound of rats rustling in their cages. She would sometimes age a little bit jumpy interested and bark if the rats if they were making a noise.
● Maize will paw the down to let you know if she needs to go outside to the toilet.
● Maize will bring her harness to you and bound over to let you know she would like to be walked.
● Maize is very excited when she sees the harness and it can be challenging getting her into it.
● Maize loves to have you in her sight. If she doesn't she could be up to mischief.
● Maize has been sleeping next to a child's bed in her crate at weekends and watches over him while he sleeps.
● Maize barks in response to knocks at the door, however when guest enter the house she is enthusiastic and will jump up, say hello and sniff feet, stand up, she is will occasionally roll over and request a tummy rub.
● Maize will rattle her food bowl if she feels a meal is late. She gives her paw before being fed.
● Maize has been used to being fed 3 times daily as she eats very quickly and is best fed in smaller meals due to this. She has been eating 3 meals of 60g per day Ava brand 1 to 7 years, medium breed, chicken flavour dry food.
● Maize is fully house-trained.
● Maize has had no formal obedience training.
● Maize knows the commands sit, paw, stand, lie, down/up ( for on and off items), sofa(she will go to it), recall was ok, but she has run out of a park before so we would recommend she is kept on the lead or in an enclosed space, spin ( still guided by hand), give (for one specific ball she will play fetch with inside the house), 'in' to reenter the garden if she is ready to come in.
● Maize sometimes pulls on the lead on walks.
● Maize is learning how to react with other dogs. She has not been well socialised with them and will bark or lunge, except where she is tired from a long walk. This is usually in an excited and playful manner but on a couple of occasions, she has barked or growled in a less friendly manner. This has been with dogs larger than herself who she may have felt intimidated by.
● Off the lead: Maize generally takes other dogs lead. If other dogs are playful then she is playful and excited back. She's been learning how to move on from dogs that are disinterested. Dogs that growl or snap will get a comparable response.
● Maize can have a sense of protectiveness. She has been used to being around a wheelchair. Maize will sometimes bark at other dogs that come too close. Off the lead, she will play chase dogs away.
● Maize has interacted with a couple of dogs in the previous owners home and shared treats with them without any issues.
● Maize has been walked 7 days a week, for short walks, but would benefit from longer walks.
● Maize has previously lived with 2 children and stayed with some children for a visit. She was very patient and gentle with them.
● Maize will run over to a child if they make a noise to check if they are ok.
● Maize is very cat reactive and would be best in a household without cats.
● Maize has lived with 9 rats in two cages.
● Maize is a dog with high anxiety, She was originally from abroad and flown into the country at 17 weeks of age (29/12/2017)
● Maize doesn't like the smell of engine oil.
● Maize can sometimes refuse to move into her crate if you are leaving the home and may need to be persuaded.
● Maize will need to be kept off the bed as she can be protective of the bed. At bedtime, she is now used to sleeping in a crate and is used to a bedtime routine. Recently however she will bark if the crate door is closed. It may be best if she is encouraged to sleep on the landing and introduce baby gates.
● Maize likes to bury all of her chews which she is given. Maize will dig up the garden to hide them.
● Maize will mouth during play.
● Maize has a high prey drive for small animals.


● This dog is vet checked, vaccinated micro-chipped
● This dog has previously lived with a child
● This dog is best in a home without cats.
●This dog is not well socialised with other dogs.
● This dog is located in York, North Yorkshire.

~ Completed by Mink and Jane