Poppy 9 year old female Jack Russell Terrier

Poppy is a friendly 9 year old female Jack Russell Terrier who is looking for her forever home. Poppy is neutered and micro-chipped. Poppy has seasonal allergies and dietary allergies. Poppy is fully house-trained. Poppy is ok with some dogs. Poppy has lived with children. Poppy has lived with another female dog. Poppy would benefit from a home where someone is around most of the day as she prefers not to be alone. Please enquire.

Poppy’s Assessment

● Poppy is a 9 year old female Jack Russell Terrier looking for her forever home. Poppy is a lovely family dog who is relaxed with people at home and has lived with children and another female dog. Poppy walks well out on the lead and has good recall, although she tends to not respond well to male dogs she meets. Poppy needs support with her separation anxiety when left home alone, as she currently barks and has destructive behaviours and would thrive in a home committed to helping her overcome this.
● Poppy is micro-chipped and neutered
● Poppy has been vet checked
● Poppy will be pleased to see you when you come home and jumps up to greet you
● Poppy is calm and peaceful when people are at home and loves a good sleep
● Poppy barks and jumps up when people come to the door
● Poppy is fully house-trained
● Poppy has some seasonal and dietary allergies. She is currently fed on a raw diet of ‘Just Natural’ complete mince food
● Poppy has not had formal obedience training but knows the commands sit, stay, come here, leave it, paw and has recall when off the lead
● Poppy is good out on walks and will walk nicely on the lead
● Poppy sometimes reacts well to other dogs, she mainly gets on with other females but typically does not get on well with male dogs
● Poppy has the characteristic hunting instinct of her breed and will chase small animals when out on walks, putting a bell on her would help prevent her catching anything successfully. We would recommend Poppy is kept on the lead.
● Poppy is currently walked once a day
● Poppy currently lives in a home with children under 10 and a young baby
● Poppy lives with another female dog, she has never lived with cats or other small animals
● Poppy has separation anxiety when left home alone and will currently bark and act destructively


● This dog has lived with children and another female dog
● This dog is micro-chipped and neutered.
● This dog is located near Inverness, Scotland

~ Completed by Heather and Madeleine