Tyke 14 year old Male Yorkshire Terrier

Tyke is a friendly 14 year old male Yorkshire Terrier who is looking for his forever home. Tyke is not keen on other dogs on walks. Tyke has lived with children. Tyke has lived with another dog in the past. Tyke is partially house-trained. Please enquire.

Tyke’s Assessment

● Tyke is an adorable boy looking for a loving forever home that will give him the love he deserves in his golden years. Tyke still has lots of energy and likes to chill out or jump around depending on how he is feeling! Tyke has been used to being around children and one other dog previously.
● Tyke Male 14 year old Yorkshire Terrier
● Tyke has a few teeth missing but has no other known health issues
● Tyke generally sleeps when he is left home alone
● Tyke will be pleased to see you when you come home and jumps up to greet you
● Tyke will be calm at home and other times excitable and playful!
● Tyke tends to bark when people come to the front door
● Tyke gets excited waiting for food and will jump and run around
● Tyke is currently fed once a day on Bakers small dog food
● Tyke is house trained but sometimes has accidents with his older years
● Tyke knows the commands sit, stay, come here and leave it
● Tyke will sometimes pull when out walking on the lead
● Tyke does not tend to react well to other dogs he meets out on walks
● Tyke has lived with younger children before
● Tyke has previously lived with a German Shepherd
● Tyke has never injured another animal or person

● This dog has previously lived with children
● This dog has previously lived with one other dog
● This dog is located near Bradford, West Yorkshire

~ Completed by Larisa and Madeleine