Toby 12 month old male Jack Russell crossbreed

Toby is a 12 month old male Jack Russell crossbreed. Toby is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Toby has bowed front legs. Toby has lived with children. Toby has lived with cats but would be best in a cat-free home as he does chase them. Toby is partially house-trained. Toby will bark at other dogs and has not had much opportunity to socialise due to Covid. This dog has now been reserved, click details for updates.

Toby's Assessment

● Toby is a 12 month old male Jack Russell crossbreed
● Toby is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped
● Toby has no known health issues, but has bowed legs
● Toby has lived with young children and a cat
● Toby will bark, cry and sleep when left home alone
● Toby is pleased to see you when you arrive home and will jump up
● Toby will sometimes follow you when you go to another room
● Toby is playful and cuddly when you are at home
● Toby will bark when people arrive at the front door
● Toby will wait patiently for food
● Toby is used to having biscuits down all day. He will eat a couple and then come back later for a couple more. He has boiled chicken as a treat
● Toby is partially house-trained
● Toby has had no formal obedience training
● Toby knows the commands sit and stay
● Toby will pull on the lead on walks sometimes
● Toby will sometimes bark at other dogs he meets on walks as he hasn't had much oppotunity to socialise with other dogs due to Covid
● Toby is walked twice daily
● Toby has lived with children over 4 years old and teenagers and would be best in a home with older children
● Toby has lived with a cat, but will be best as a sole pet as he chases cats
● Toby can lunge at cars when out walking and towards men
● Toby loves to jump up at the washing line as he loves chewing the pegs, he may need these kept away from him
● Toby has never injured any animal or person

● This dog is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.
● This chases cats and would be best in a pet free home
● This dog has lived with children of various ages but would be best in a home with older children.
●This dog is located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Application Status: Reserved

This dog has now been reserved and we are no longer accepting applications.

If you have completed a application for this dog and the dog has not been reserved to you, you may wish to select an alternative dog that is waiting for home. You will not need to repeat your application if a homecheck has been completed, you can email to advise you which dog you would like to adopt.

During the pandemic we are much busier than usual and as we are run by volunteers we are unfortunately unable to respond to everyone individually about the status of their application.

Please rest assured your application is appreciated and we recommend checking the status information for updates on the dog you wish to adopt until you are either contacted and given details of the next steps or the dog is reserved.

Occasionally dogs may become available again and the status bar will change to reflect this.

Thank you for your interest in this dog and for your patience and understanding in these difficult times.