Lexi 2 year old female Minature Pinscher

Lexi is a 2 year old female Minature Pinscher. Lexi is vaccinated and micro-chipped. Lexi is crate trained. Lexi can be temperamental with strangers and other dogs. Lexi is fully house-trained. Lexi has some recall. Lexi has a high prey drive but will respond to a whistle. Lexi has been used to visiting children but would be best in an adult home. Lexi is timid and has behavioural issues relating to barking. She would suit an experienced new home where someone is around most of the day.

Lexi's Assessment

● Lexi is a 2 year 8 month old female Minature Pinscher who is looking for her forever home
● Lexi has been vet checked, vaccinated and micro-chipped
● Lexi has not yet been neutered
● Lexi is in good health but has very mild gingivitis which can be resolved by brushing or dental chews.
● Lexi has been used to having free run of the house and is crate trained for when she is left alone
● Lexi has some separation issues and is very excitable once you return back home even after 10 minutes, she reacts as though you have been away for a lot longer
● Lexi will sleep when left home alone
● Lexi will bark and jump up when you arrive home
● Lexi will always follow you if you go to another room
● Lexi will sleep at the side of you when you are at home. She can be very protective and doesn't like other resident dogs coming too close
● Lexi will bark constantly when people come to the front door as she is uncomfortable with strangers
● Lexi will jump up and down on the spot whilst you are preparing food. She doesn't like other dogs near her whilst she is eating
● Lexi has been used to being fed twice daily - breakfast and tea. She eats James wellbeloved small breed dog food, lamb and rice. She also has pedigree dentastix after tea
● Lexi is fully house-trained
● Lexi has had no formal obedience training
● Lexi knows the commands sit, stay, come here, leave it, paw and has some recall off the lead
● Lexi is fine off the lead generally until she sees any squirrels or rabbits. She will chase them, but will come back in response to a recall whistle
● Lexi pulls alot on the lead
● Lexi is reactive with other dogs and will bark and try to lunge at them. Due to this we would recommend she is kept on the lead
● Lexi has been walked daily
● Lexi has been used visiting children age 7 upwards
● Lexi barks alot when children arrive, but eventually settles. She doesn't like if if they try to pick her up.
● Lexi has lived with two other minature pinschers but recently started being in altercations with the older dog and she is unsuitable around cats
● Lexi would be best as an only dog in an adult home due to this
● Lexi is extremely nervous and timid and doesn't take to people easily, but once she gets to know you, she's a very loving and loyal dog, but has barking issues when interacting with new people.
● Lexi has never injured another animal or person, but recently started to be dominant towards the older dog in the household. They not been getting along due to this
● Lexi is timid and has behavioural issues which is coming out as reactivity towards other dogs


● This dog is vaccinated and micro-chipped
● This dog is not yet neutered
● This dog can be reactive with other dogs in the household and would be best as an only dog
● This dog has been used to visiting children but would be best in an adult home
● This dog is located in Bradford, West Yorkshire