Cookie 2 year old Female Jack Russell x Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Cookie is a 2 year old female Jack Russell x Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for her forever home. Cookie is neutered and micro-chipped. Cookie has lived with children. Cookie has been crate trained. Cookie is fully house-trained. Cookie has some recall off the lead. Cookie is playful and excitable with other dogs but will bark at them if they bark at her. Cookie will chase cats. Cookie will be best as an only dog. Please enquire.

Cookie's Assessment

● Cookie is a loving 2-year-old female looking for her forever home. Cookie has lived with and enjoyed the company of older children. She has not previously lived with other cats or dogs but has lived with guinea-pigs before and likes to play with other dogs. Cookie loves to be in human company, whether she’s napping or giving affection.
● Cookie is currently neutered and micro-chipped
● Cookie will be vet checked and vaccinated before leaving us.
● Cookie has no known health problems
● Cookie is fully house trained
● Cookie is destructive and anxious when left alone
● Cookie will jump up and be pleased to see you when you get home
● Cookie will get excited when people come to the door
● Cookie loves to spend time with you and will follow you in the home
● Cookie will wait for her food to be put down and currently eats dry food three times a day
● Cookie knows the commands sit, stay, come here, leave it, paw and recall when off the lead
● Cookie will pull sometimes when out on the lead
● Cookie likes to play with some other dogs on walks, but will bark back if they bark at her
● Cookie does not like some dogs and can be very reactive.
● Cookie has lived with older children (8-10years) and enjoys their company
● Cookie has previously lived with guinea-pigs and may not be suited to living with cats as she chases them when on walks
● Cookie has never injured a person or animal


● This dog is neutered and micro-chipped
● This dog will be vet checked and vaccinated before leaving us
● This dog has only lived with guinea-pigs before
● This dog would be best suited to a home with older children
● This dog will be best as an only dog
● This dog is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire

~ Completed by Rebecca and Kayley