Adopt a rescue dog


Narla is a friendly 4 year old female Akita who is looking for her forever home. Narla is vaccinated and micro-chipped. Narla would be best in a home with older children. Narla is very calm and relaxed around the home. Narla is fully house-trained. Narla has some basic training. Narla is playful with other dogs. Please enquire.


Freddie is a active and freindly 20 month old male Maltese who is looking for his forever home. Freddie is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Freddie has watery eyes which will be vet checked. Freddie will benefit from a home where someone is around most of the day. Freddie is shy with new people. Freddie is fully house-trained. Freddie is friendly with other dogs. Freddie is very small and weighs 2kg. Please enquire.


Matilda is a 3 year old Bassett Hound who is looking for her forever home. Matilda is micro-chipped. Matilda is a relaxed dog who is not very active. Matilda loves attention and has lived with very young children, a baby and other dogs. Matilda is house-trained. Matilda is playful with other dogs. Matilda will sometimes refuse to go out for a walk. Please enquire.


Neeko is a friendly and loving 15 month old American Bulldog x Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for his forever home. Neeko is vaccinated and microchipped. He is well behaved at home but also really loves to play and can be a bit boisterous when he gets excited. Neeko has been used to having visiting children but has not lived with any other animals before. Neeko is friendly with other dogs he meets out on walks. Please enquire.


Bonnie is a friendly and relaxed 7 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is looking for her forever home. Bonnie is micro-chipped. Bonnie is partially house-trained, but sometimes has accidents. Bonnie has lived with another dog and has been used to visiting children. Please enquire.


Clyde is a calm 6 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossbreed who is looking for his forever home. Clyde is neutered and micro-chipped. Clyde has lived with another female dog. Clyde has been used to living with very young children. Clyde is quite a talkative dog. Please enquire.


Hoshi is a friendly 5 year old Akita cross Border Collie who is looking for her forever home. Hoshi is vaccinated and micro-chipped. Hoshi has lived with another dog. Hoshi has lived with young children. Hoshi loves attention and likes to be stroked, but equally likes to have her own space. Hoshi is house-trained. Hoshi is calm around the home for the main part, but can bark at noises and be anxious when new people visit. Please enquire.


Garfield is a 2 year old male Presa Canario x Akita. Garfield was previously a stray and would benefit from a forever home able to take the time to help him with this training and give him the stability to develop. Garfield responds well to other dogs he meets on walks and is well behaved when left alone during the day. Please enquire.


Reggie is a friendly 3 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Reggie is micro-chipped. Reggie has itchy ears at times. Reggie would be best in a home as an only dog and will need a home where he can be walked away from them. Reggie is house-trained. Reggie has lived with young children and teenagers. Reggie would benefit from an experienced new home. Please enquire.

Sasha * Ref:9OXE

Sasha is a 4 year old American Bulldog who is looking for her forever home. Sasha is relaxed around the home and loves cuddles. Sasha is well behaved on walks and calm around other dogs she meets. Sasha has been vaccinated. Sasha would be best in an adult only home and would benefit from further training. Please enquire.

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